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We simply don’t believe in ‘one size fits all' generic CV writing. If you operate at a certain level and want to either progress or change your career, the current market demands a serious, credible CV which is non-formulaic, nor rushed or missing detailed industry insight. As leading specialists in CV writing at professional and management-level, we’re used to capturing and wording the most complex or diverse of skill sets for those across such areas as Business, Technology, Commerce, Finance and Media.

We've been quoted in The GuardianThe Telegraph and AOL Money (click on each to view) with CV best practice advice, and spoken at events for the likes of Women in Advertising & Communications London (WACL) on standing out with your CV (view). We've also earned official CV writing partner status with Alium Interim Recruitment (viewand Hudson Walker International Luxury Recruitment (view). One of our writers was even a nominee at the TORI Awards - the CV/Résumé ‘Oscars’, USA.

Whether you're based around the corner or in another country, we're flexible in how we work with you - remotely or otherwise. Should you require a face-to-face professional CV writing consultation, we can meet you at our London office. From defining your objectives to CV delivery and future updates, outlined below is The CV Experts' non-nonsense process:

Five Tried- & -Tested Steps

  • 01 ?

    Establishing your target role

    Call or email us in complete confidentiality to tell us what you need. We can even help you define your objectives if you’re uncertain by using our next-move plan service.

    We can then decide which consultant in the team is the best match for you and advise how we'd approach crafting your professional CV to help you achieve your objectives and the timeframes involved.

  • 02 ?

    Asking Purposeful Questions

    We draw on our experience by asking exactly the right questions in complete alignment with your target role level and function.

    We’ll explore the main avenues to sell you such as your career path/milestones, specialist areas of expertise, industry acumen, skill set, credentials and individual approach.

  • 03 ?

    first draft

    Approximately one week later the first draft of your new CV will be emailed to you for approval. It will be sooner if we agreed a quicker turnaround with you at the commencement of the project. Upon receipt of the draft, react as quickly or slowly as you like in terms of advising us should you require any changes.

  • 04 ?

    changes you

    If need be we’ll redraft your CV as many times as you like with no time restrictions as part of our satisfaction guarantee to every client.

    We're that confident in our abilities based on our past success. Once you’re 100% happy, we’ll email the final version of the CV to you.

  • 05 ?

    year's free

    We’re not going anywhere! We stay on hand to provide each and every client with free updates to their CV pertaining to any new roles, activities, results, development or training for one year from the date of their original order.

    We can also support the search for your next role through a range of other services such as interview preparation and bespoke cover letter creation.

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Professional, Bespoke CV

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Our advice in The Telegraph:

We explore that when it comes to CV writing it’s vital that you’re pitching yourself at the right level – in some companies there is a gulf between the remit and responsibilities of a middle and senior manager. If you want to pitch up a level, use your professional profile and skills section to embellish your potential. Overall, a management CV is so much more than a record of information now. The team here at The CV Experts knows exactly what’s competitive in the current market.

Our advice in AOL Money:

This is where we advocate making the CV as bespoke as possible, and demonstrating the correlation between the role and your skills. The profile needs to act as a headline for your CV. It should sum up your mission statement and your point of difference. It should be a simple, succinct summary. Don't fall into off-the-shelf phrasing. Steer clear of the cliché and be original in your wording so that the person reading it doesn't skim over vital skills and attributes. A good professional CV now must contain fresh, non-formulaic phrasing which makes your approach original and distinct – this is the foundation to success which our CV writers follow rigorously.

Our advice in Jobs & Career:

A curriculum vitae has to start with a call-to-action opening statement. Here we explain how senior- level career change is achievable through your CV, but you must exercise shrewd creative licence. Start with tailoring your professional profile. As the CV opener, this is a great opportunity to grab the reader’s attention by telling them what they want to hear. After all, are you keen to read a news article if the headline is boring? The professional profile (sometimes called personal profile) opens and sets the tone for the CV. Our CV service will always provide you with commanding opening profile content.

Our advice in The Guardian:

Employers this year will on average read 70 résumés for every vacancy advertised. So how can a graduate make their CV stand out? The Guardian asked three recruitment experts, including our own CV writing team, for their top tips. We explain that if you haven't got a lengthy employment record, emphasise your talents. We recommend beginning with a skill section which outlines your key personal strengths, using any previous jobs as evidence. Our professional CV services are in fact in place to select, filter and prioritise your abilities to optimum effect.

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