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A Good CV for a Sales Professional

Sales professionals are great at selling products and services but, in our experience at TheCVExperts, often do not appropriately ‘sell’ themselves and the value they bring to the table. Whether you’ve been successful in developing client relationships or accounts, capturing new markets or increasing bottom lines, here follow some best practice guidelines in how to create a competitive, effective sales-focused CV:

1) First and foremost, create a dynamic Professional Profile (Executive Profile, Professional Summary, etc.) to consolidate individual qualities, background, qualifications and any other specialities. Look at your CV as a bespoke marketing document to assist in elevating your own ‘personal brand,’ so don’t be overly modest. In sales, that is usually not the best route to take.

2) Include content that best describes how you can deliver profitability for a company. Take that responsibility-based CV and turn it around to highlight your sales accomplishments! Have you increased profits, revenues or market share? Taken accounts away from the competition? Negotiated large-scale contracts? Have you won any industry awards? Have you trained top-notch sales forces into leadership positions also? Any involvement in start-up of new geographic markets? As in sales forecasting, reporting and review, numbers count! Use percentages that show how you have exceeded sales quotas if you are unable to divulge specific bottom line figures, but use them, nonetheless.

3). Always include information relating to any professional development, sales training, leadership committees on which you have served, affiliations, speaking engagements, and publications to which you have contributed or have been quoted in.

Ultimately your CV is a marketing document to help you outperform the competition and win the interview! If strategically-written, it should truly convey your proof-of-worth, potential and track record of success.

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