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Differences Between Self-Written, Cheap & Quality Pro CVs

One question that we are asked almost daily is “What’s the main difference between a self-written, cheap factory line and high-quality professional CV?”

Here is how we distinguish between them:

Self-Penned CVs

Budget CVs

Quality Pro CVs

*Mainly chronological style – reliance on flat, historical narrative of past roles.

*High-volume approach – reformatting existing CV with formulaic opening added.

*Specialists in CVs for management and professionals – strength in the writing to pitch people at a certain level.

*Not objective enough or written from the reader’s perspective.

*Generic service catering for all, from students to drivers and administrators.

*Traditional approach in meeting or talking one-to-one to build a full picture of you.


*No thorough exploration/ definition of your skills and professional approach.

*Key experience lacking in CV writing for certain levels, functions and markets.

*Excellence in creative writing and use of business English – polished, fresh and original.

*CV outdated, unfocused or too busy – no clear strategic pitch.

*Rapid 48 hour turnaround, cutting corners on quality and originality by using clunky, corny English.

*Necessary one week or more dedicated to writing a competitive CV at this level.

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