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Keys to Creating a Successful Project Management CV

What makes a good professional PM CV today? Hirers are looking for someone who can manage several fronts concurrently – a person who can take a project from proposal and planning through to final handover. Whether you operate in technical or commercial project management, first and foremost one must illustrate the ability to manage. That spans expectations, budgets, methodologies, people and third party resources amongst other facets.

The team management element is critical, particularly during project implementation, to ensure you are leading individuals to deliver on time, within budget and in alignment with all objectives. As a PM, your CV must demonstrate your strengths across detailed planning, scoping, establishing deployment procedures, managing risk and continuous project monitoring.

Collaboration and engagement are other core skills integral for inclusion on a Project Management CV. Your relationship building expertise could include stakeholder management, vendor negotiations and selection, liaising with consultants, joining forces with diverse business unit heads across an organisation, or forging sustainable external networks and alliances. A great PM must be able to establish a rapid understanding and definition of a client’s priorities, needs and issues faced by building trust and asking strategic, purposeful questions.

Highlight areas of technical or other speciality, but by no means use your CV to itemise each and every platform, language, system, infrastructure, network, etc. you’ve ever worked across. As a seasoned Project Manager, it is a given that most of the hands-on work is delegated to your project teams to execute, therefore you need only highlight really specialist acumen. Any other areas of expertise can be discussed at interview in greater detail.

Within your career highlights, be sure to include figures or other metrics to quantify both the size/scale of the projects managed previously, and the results generated post-delivery. Prospective employers want to know equally about the scope of former responsibilities, the budgets controlled, team sizes led, methodologies deployed and the recurring themes behind the projects you’ve driven. A competitive PM CV in the current market will evidence how performance was improved, costs reduced or revenue streams built for example. Overall, your CV should convey the diversity of your skill set across the entire project lifecycle in an original, descriptive, fact-based tone.

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