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We’ve provided professional CV writing services to many Marketing, Branding and Communications Managers in our fourteen-plus years in operation. Here’s an example of one with whom we worked recently. Julia, a PR/marketing guru, had previous experience working for both commercial and charitable organisations, and therefore a diverse skill set spanning creative copy writing, speech writing, production for radio and television programmes, leadership coaching and speaker consultancy work. She was looking for a position as an Interim Head of Marketing and wanted the new CV to reflect this strategically.

Bringing Julia’s experience up to date, whilst exploring all of her key leadership attributes and PR/marketing/event management capabilities, was quite the task. We mined the accomplishments she had yielded as a full-time PR Manager for a London-based agency, as this spanned seven significant years. The task of consolidating her somewhat incongruent work history to emphasise her pivotal strengths and vast experience in an interim-focused light required extensive capturing and reframing of past results. Her expertise in formulating effective PR models and corporate communications programmes were vital, as were the successful outcomes of all the campaigns she’d been responsible for devising and driving.

We readily gathered that she was brilliant with people and exuded a confident, outgoing and charismatic personality that had helped her to have immediate credibility. She had used her infectious sense of humour to rally people and a communication style that had resonated with her audiences. These qualities, along with her creative specialities including speech writing, script writing and public speaking, were intrinsic to the value she brought to the table and were therefore imperative to articulate within her new CV. By identifying and unifying seemingly unrelated strengths, we were able to shift focus to the value she could offer in a shorter-term capacity as, for instance, an Interim Head of Marketing. It was, and so often is, an exercise in repackaging the individual’s personal brand to demonstrate that they could in fact elevate the brand of an organisation through shrewd marketing leadership and innovation. 

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