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Reacting to Redundancy

When, as it is alleged, the Chief of the British Armed Services, was informed via the Sunday Times that the new Defence Secretary had sacked him he must have felt totally gutted. What a way of thanking someone for 40 years’ service at the highest level for their country. What a totally gutless way, if it is true, of telling him.

How often we come across similar stories when people are made redundant. ‘We all got an email just before we went home one Friday.’ Or, ‘I found an envelope on my desk giving me the bad news but my manager had disappeared to a meeting offsite.’ Probably just as well. Or, ‘I received a letter on the Saturday telling me not to come in on Monday.’

Redundancy always hurts no matter how the news is broken to you. Even when it is handled with care and courtesy by a really kind, caring manager the end result is the same – no job and your whole life devastated, your self confidence knocked, your monthly salary gone. Even if you pick up a really good civil service type gold plated redundancy package you still have no job – just a bit more breathing space in which to find the next one.

And that is what you have to do – find the next one, fast. But first you have to re-order your thoughts and face the immediate future. You have to be very positive and forget the past. You are among thousands who are redundant or being made redundant and you have to somehow ensure that you stand out from the rest. You already have a new interim job – it is called job hunting. It is commission only – you only get paid on success.

A few pointers. What next? More of the same or is this your opportunity to do something completely different, to break out, to go into a different business sector, or work overseas or to turn a hobby into a job. Perhaps you want to plough something back into society via the paid voluntary sector or, by becoming, say, a teacher or a nurse or a social worker. The pay might not be as good in any of these but the job satisfaction, and often the job security and the guaranteed pension might be much better. You might become an Interim Manager.

You will need to analyse your skills, preferably with outside help, to achieve your new ambition or to find your new job if you decide to remain in the same sort of work. And you will need an outstanding CV to get you to interview; which of course, is where we can help.

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