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The Benefits of Using Professional CV Writers

When asked the question “What is the main advantage of employing the services of a professional CV writing company?”, we try and answer this as objectively as we can – objectivity! By that we mean the ability to look at your skill set and value offered from an outsider’s perspective, as most people are too emotionally attached (with reason) through the blood, sweat and tears they’ve invested into their work to actually select and prioritise the key skills that hirers are looking for.

We are emailed self-penned CVs all day, every day, for review and appraisal, as a professional CV writing service ourselves, and we find that the biggest mistake people make writing their own is being too subjective about their strengths and qualities. Considering your CV is positioning you for your next career move and salary offer, the quality and level of pitch are critical. You could be the most suitable candidate in the world for a vacancy, but if the document which represents you isn’t slick, polished and impeccable, you may not be given the chance to demonstrate. Furthermore, you can’t un-send a CV after the event. Readers want to see originality and differentiation within a CV now – content which fully explores your entire portfolio of skills and distinct value offered, not just a flat, chronological narrative of past activities. That’s exactly how professional CV writers can make the difference. They can invest both time and market knowledge in understanding your value and goals to help focus their efforts in getting your foot in the door.

Many CVs fail through lack of strategy, so a good CV service should know precisely how to pitch you for the next phase of your career, or indeed repackage your skills if you intend to pursue a change of direction.If you are targeting management-level positions, whether for private or public sector organisations, professional CV writers will be able to both identify and showcase your whole suite of leadership skills. However, if one is seeking an interim appointment, they will focus more on proving how you can go in and deliver until handover. Really, there lies the answer to the original question on the difference between writing the document yourself, or having a specialist CV writing service undertake the task – the ability to choose and articulate your strengths which correlate with the target role.

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