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Transitional CV from Management to Director-level

It may not sound in theory like there would be too big a difference between CV writing for management and director-level appointments, but in fact if you are not pitched at exactly the right level, your CV will make the move up the ladder nearly impossible.

Instead of focusing on day-to-day hands-on management responsibilities, such as supervising and managing teams, problem-solving and the like, good CV writing should shift the onus very much onto strategy and governance, innovation and realisation – essentially skills which are more instrumental in shaping the future vision and direction of a department, and indeed, the business as a whole.  As a professional CV writing service, we’ve been approached by countless managers over the years facing difficulty making that all-important step to director-level.  Nine times out of ten the problem has stemmed from their CV still being locked into the demands of nitty-gritty management.  As important as this is, a director’s job is to manage the managers themselves, so it’s much more about governance.

An Area Manager for a major retailer approached us in such a quandary.  He felt that other managers had overtaken him despite a longer career and record of achievement.  After submitting a self-penned CV for internal and external director-level positions, and drawing a blank, he decided to investigate the value that could be gained from a CV writing UK specialist.  We needed to look at areas beyond his job description and daily remit.  We examined how innovative he’d been to devise and pilot a new seasonal promotional initiative which was so successful that it was picked up by head office and rolled out nationally.  We explored cost efficiency strategies he deployed within his cluster, which again were implemented nationwide based on percentages saved.  Working closely with the client to identify and repackage such strengths and achievements, he gradually realised how a professional CV writing service could apply a more tactical approach to rebranding him for a move to director.  Job done.

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