Our CV Master Classes

TheCVExperts delivers a three-hour master class to equip professional-level individuals with the precise tools and tactics necessary to create their own highly-original, content-rich CV that will not only work in the current market, but crucially cut through it. The session includes specially-prepared materials including presentations, exercises and illustrative examples, and is delivered by Richard and David, two of our most experienced CV writers.

Purpose & Value: developed by us to ultimately provide each attendee with a very clearly-defined strategy and platform to build an exceptional-quality CV. Our whole ethos of the class is to completely avoid that of a general workshop offering bog-standard CV hints and tips. After all, there is a wealth of such generic information online covering format, layout, length, etc. Instead, our session is focused on coaching, training and advising you on HOW to create and perfect the all-important content for your CV in alignment with your target role and current market protocols.

Class Size & Approach: typically audience numbers for each are between ten and fifteen, which importantly gives us the ability to listen to individual needs and respond with bespoke, relevant advice and tactics. We encourage questions and interaction throughout to maximise the knowledge and tools you leave with. Feel free to bring your current/earlier CV for specific review and discussion with Richard or David.

The CV Experts

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