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With its rapid ascent in recent years, LinkedIn has become the most important branding tool for any serious professional worldwide. Whether you are actively pursuing a new role or simply want to convey a polished online image, LinkedIn is now the place to be.

Even if social media doesn't appeal to your taste, it's undeniable that LinkedIn is now pivotal for both networking purposes and during the selection/vetting process for an increasing number of hiring companies and head-hunters. A quick search on Google for instance can easily generate a link to your profile, so if it's weak, sparse or incomplete, it won’t add to your credibility.

Abstinence from LinkedIn is indeed an option, but in this day and age, that can suggest ambiguity. Moreover, your fellow applicants for the same position who do have a strong and complete profile in place, will now by default have the edge.

Whereas a good CV today should resemble almost a business case, profiling you through your portfolio of skills and value offered, your LinkedIn profile should be written in a more personal tone. They should complement each other without being carbon copies, and if both are pitched right, your pedigree is underlined. Importantly, the user has control over the visibility of their public profile, and you certainly don’t need to log in every day to benefit from existence on LinkedIn.

Whether you have an existing LinkedIn profile or not, we can create, rewrite or optimise it in synergy with your CV. A screen-shot of our profile is below, or you can view it fully on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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Our CV writers work with professional and senior-level clients every day who understandably are worried about the information they share on a public domain such as LinkedIn. We understand that while your profile should not compromise your current job situation in terms of discretion, it should be heavyweight enough to help you progress your career. Whether you’re based in London, Switzerland or Dubai, the range of services offered by The CV Experts now importantly includes professional writing of your LinkedIn profile.

We have a LinkedIn expert in-house who can ensure your profile harmonises completely with your new professional CV, re-enforcing your pitch and personal brand. If you have chosen our CV writing service to create multiple versions of your new CV, we will write your LinkedIn profile in a way to support all application types by emphasising your credibility and credentials.

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